Croissant, Team 5940’s fourth robot, was built to compete in FRC’s 2019 game, Destination: DEEP SPACE presented by the Boeing company. The team’s goal was to create a fast and efficient robot that used advanced control systems and autonomy to accurately place game pieces. Croissant was honored to win two awards during the 2019 season, the Industrial Design Award at the San Francisco Regional and the Innovation in Control Systems at the Sacramento Regional.

Our 2019 season recap

For more information about the DEEP SPACE game, click here.


- 2 speed continuous elevator

- Double jointed arm with pass through

- Single mechanism design for both the hatch and ball intake

- Vision assisted alignment

- The ability to fill a full rocket without partner assistance




The Industrial Design award, sponsored by General Motors, is given to the team whose robot displays form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge. Croissant was built specifically with efficiency in mind. With an elevator that reaches up to 8 feet in under 2 seconds and an arm that can reach both sides of the robot, Croissant can quickly pickup game pieces and accurately place them on either the rocket or the cargo ship. Team 5940 was honored to receive the recognition of the judges at the San Francisco Regional.

innovationincontrol (2).PNG


The Innovation in Control Award, sponsored by Rockwell Automation, celebrates an innovative control system or application of control components, including electrical, mechanical, or software, to provide unique machine functions. Croissant was recognized for a unique system of coordination used to safely actuate joints between different goal positions as well as an advanced application of physics that is used to model the robot’s motors and drive base. This ability allows the robot to follow complex autonomous paths and to correct for unanticipated disturbances in real time. We were surprised by this recognition at the Sacramento Regional since this is the first time in our team’s history to win two prestigious awards in one season.