Meet focaccia 

Focaccia was created in Team 5940's rookie season to compete in the 2016 FRC challenge, FIRST Stronghold. Being our rookie year, we set out to create a robust robot capable of crossing many of the defensive obstacles, and scoring low goals/shuttling balls to high goal shooters. Focaccia made it's way  up to the Curie Division quarter-finals at the FIRST Robotics World Championship in St. Louis, MO. 



- Robust heavily modified KOP chassis

- Combination floor intake - Low goal shooter

- 8" pneumatic wheels for crossing static defenses

- Low bar capable

- Superstructure frame for protection from other robots



Team 5940 went to FIRST Robotics World Championship after winning the Rookie All-Star award at the Silicon Valley Regional. We had a difficult qualifying schedule, but were selected by Team 3310, Black Hawk Robotics, to join the #6 quaterfinalist alliance on Curie Division.