Ciabatta was created in Team 5940's second season to compete in the 2017 game, FIRST STEAMWORKS. We set out to create a gear collection/placement mechanism and a reliable scaling device. Ciabatta placed 15th out of 45 teams at the San Francisco Regional, and was the Finalist Captain at MadTown Throwdown. 



- Custom designed chassis

- Floor intake

- Active gear mechanism

- Velcro scaler with 100% success rate

- Super structure frame for protection


At MadTown ThrowDown 2017, Team 5940 was captain of the 6th seeded alliance and picked teams 971 (Spartan Robotics) and 9482 (Arrowbotics) to join our alliance. We upset the 3rd and 2nd seed alliances and made it to the finals, where we faced the 1st seeded alliance. In two nail-biting matches, the #1 alliance managed to best us with two very close matches. Being Ciabatta's 4th competition, we were able to dial the robot in almost perfectly where we were able to place gears and scale very consistently. 

Here is a video of our finalist performance at MadTown ThrowDown!