Jewish Home Food Distribution | November 2016

As a part of the BREAD Robotics Team’s competition requirements, students are required to volunteer in their community, which can include STEM-focused assistance. Last Saturday, our students handed out groceries and fresh produce to 314 hungry families in SF--outdoors and in the pouring rain at the Excelsior Community Food Pantry. The kids enjoyed themselves so much that they’ve all agreed they want to return. Thanks go out to parent mentor Christine for connecting BREAD with the Food Pantry.

Space Cookies Workshop | November 2016

Thanks to the Space Cookie Robotics team, we were able to hold an all day workshop focusing on the many skills needed to participate in the FRC competition.

We have learned many things from our undertaking to form a successful team, though it had only been a few weeks since our formation. The team has since established an organizational structure, and started learning the basics of robot fabrication. The Space Cookies workshop greatly increased our understanding in FRC related topics, and helped us build the foundation of our knowledge.

    As a rookie team, BREAD has much to learn and many things to experience. Their introduction to computer aided design, programming, electronics and mechanical design has supported us as we strive to continue in our education as engineers.

Our kick-off in FRC programming libraries was a particularly large help.  Many of our programmers had experience in Java and C++; however, none of them had yet looked into FRC specific programming. Before the workshop, few people had any background in electronics or computer aided design, yet now team members interests have been sparked, and we have people looking to specialize in these categories.