Our Hibernating Team / by Christine Boles

With this post, we bring you the joy of announcing our greatest achievement yet. . . The BREAD's first competition robot is complete! After it was completed, the whole team breathed a sigh of freedom, no longer having to stay at the workshop for ungodly hours each day. As that sigh was breathed, we have also encountered our greatest enemy: procrastination. Since the robot was done, everyone decided to relax. . .  Including me, which is why this blog entry is a few weeks overdue. Don't get us wrong, we enjoyed the season wholeheartedly. In fact, one of our members from the programming team said that it was "a lot of fun, it was hard work, but worth it."  Yes, indeed, it was worth it. 

The past week we have also finalised the t-shirt designs and we will be ordering them by next week. A few members will also be going to the Central Valley Competition in Madera, to get to know the teams and how the competition works. They will be volunteering and trying different types of scouting, to see which one will be the most efficient.