First Post / by Christine Boles

The last few days have been extremely eventful. This blog post will be the first of many to come in the next six weeks of build season. Since the kickoff on Saturday of January 9th, we have accomplished many things. We started brainstorming strategies for our robot and have conceived a general idea for what we want to do. In addition, we have also successfully prototyping systems for picking up the boulders. Our team layed out the field and have built several two-scale simulations of the different defenses. Despite the many setbacks we faced with inconsistent deliveries from Andy Mark, the Build Team has used their time wisely by constructing the base of one of the towers. Since we were fortunate enough to build the secondary chassis before the build season began, programming has been able to get a head start on simple code for driving the robot. The season has begun with setbacks and challenges, but we managed to overcome most of them and have had a productive start of the 2016 season!