Silicon Valley Regional by Christine Boles

As the Silicon Valley Regional approaches, we are preparing both the robot and ourselves for the coming tournament. Everyone is excited for the events that are going to unfold over at San Jose State. We welcome anyone who is interested in coming, it would be very helpful to see some friendly faces in the crowd when we compete. Come cheer on BREAD!

Our Hibernating Team by Christine Boles

With this post, we bring you the joy of announcing our greatest achievement yet. . . The BREAD's first competition robot is complete! After it was completed, the whole team breathed a sigh of freedom, no longer having to stay at the workshop for ungodly hours each day. As that sigh was breathed, we have also encountered our greatest enemy: procrastination. Since the robot was done, everyone decided to relax. . .  Including me, which is why this blog entry is a few weeks overdue. Don't get us wrong, we enjoyed the season wholeheartedly. In fact, one of our members from the programming team said that it was "a lot of fun, it was hard work, but worth it."  Yes, indeed, it was worth it. 

The past week we have also finalised the t-shirt designs and we will be ordering them by next week. A few members will also be going to the Central Valley Competition in Madera, to get to know the teams and how the competition works. They will be volunteering and trying different types of scouting, to see which one will be the most efficient.  

The Road So Far by Christine Boles

In the past week, our team has made many advancements. Our CAD team along with the Build team have been adjusting the robot to have a more realistic design. The Build team has also been reinforcing the chassis. Our Programming team filled the code base with missing code using other sensors and actuators. They have already used the code on the robot and are now adjusting the functionality. The Outreach team volunteered at an FLL tournament in Burlingame and distributed food to 314 needy families at the Jewish Home in San Francisco. The team plans future outreach events to Mathcounts and Central Valley Regional FRC Competition. You can view all these outreach opportunities under Events.

First Local Outreach Trip by Christine Boles

    Today was our first local outreach trip, which was more fun than we had originally imagined. A team of eleven members went out into the neighborhood to talk to businesses about our team and being potential sponsors. We received a lot of enthusiasm, interest, and positive feedback from the businesses. This promises not only donations, but more involvement with our team and the community. Although most of our efforts were fruitful, we inevitably came across a few obstacles. A few of us got lost among all the warehouses, but eventually came back to From this we learned that we should definitely do some research before going out, and maybe bring a map or GPS with us! Next week, we're planning to follow-up on some of the businesses, so we'll update on when that happens!


First Post by Christine Boles

The last few days have been extremely eventful. This blog post will be the first of many to come in the next six weeks of build season. Since the kickoff on Saturday of January 9th, we have accomplished many things. We started brainstorming strategies for our robot and have conceived a general idea for what we want to do. In addition, we have also successfully prototyping systems for picking up the boulders. Our team layed out the field and have built several two-scale simulations of the different defenses. Despite the many setbacks we faced with inconsistent deliveries from Andy Mark, the Build Team has used their time wisely by constructing the base of one of the towers. Since we were fortunate enough to build the secondary chassis before the build season began, programming has been able to get a head start on simple code for driving the robot. The season has begun with setbacks and challenges, but we managed to overcome most of them and have had a productive start of the 2016 season!